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Communication, Advertising and Digital Marketing Consulting Agency

Digital. Marketing. Agency. it waykey

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We create digital experiences

We create digital experiences

IT waykey

Who are we?

IT WAYKEY offers innovative technological solutions, at the best price, IT WAYKEY is a Digital Agency based in Algiers, active throughout the country.

We specialize in creating impactful visuals and effective advertising campaigns, both on traditional media as well as on the web and social networks.

We advise and guide our customers, to effectively achieve their goals and distinguish themselves from their competitors.

At IT WAYKEY, each project is taken to heart, by our teams, who give themselves thoroughly to ensure the customer, the satisfaction of a successful communication.

Your digital presence is our priority

Our Services

• Personalized follow-up

• Quality design

• Efficient ergonomics

• Efficient SEO

• Rich content

• Graphic chart, Logo, Business Card

• Flyer, prospectus, Brochure

• Folder, document holder

• Stand, Commercial Brochure, print ad

• Image Processing

• We make sure every post is optimized on every page of your social media

• We support you to put in place the most effective communication strategy to achieve your goals

• We manage all of your pages on your social media

• We answer the most frequent questions of your Internet users

• We connect with your customers

• Have detailed reports of your campaign in real time to track customer feedback

• Save on travel and commercial share expenses

• Ensure that your service offer and advertising campaign have reached the right people and not in junk mail

• Save time and take advantage of our exceptional database of 200,000 email addresses

• Enjoy an attractive visual and captivating advertising poster for your email campaigns

• Easy access to your application via the web, without any installation

• Unlimited number of users and scalable content

• Security of your data and confidentiality of your information

• Affordable cost for rich functional coverage

• Manage tasks, notes and events

• Free domain names

• Unlimited bandwidth

• Technical support via email and phone

• Easy-to-use control panel with user-friendly interface

• Ultra-fast loading time

• Professional messaging

Why choose us?

As a Digital Marketing Agency, Our ambition is to support you on all of your projects in order to set up an effective digital strategy and creative ideas adapted to the Algerian market and adapted to your needs.

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